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All you need to know about wigs before purchasing

1. Wig Sizing Chart

Most wigs come in one standard size, "one size fits all", with adjustable straps and hooks that allow to make the wig tighter or wider. Please refer to table measurements below to see if the size we carry fits your head.
Wig size Around the Head*
Front to Back**
Ear to Ear***
One fits all
20"-25" 14"- 15 1/4"

Around the Head*- Measure around head. Start at your natural hairline in front. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, above your other ear, then around front to starting point.

Front to Back**- Measure from your natural hairline in front, back over the crown to where your head meets the top of your neck.

Ear to Ear***- Starting in front of one ear where your hairline ends, bring your tape measure up and over the crown to the front of your other ear.

The measurements above are valid for regular full wigs, Front Lace wigs and Full Lace wigs by Janet Collection. If a customer is looking for full lace wigs with lace all over they will need to look for a custom made lace wig.

2. What is a full cap wig?

A full cap wig covers the whole head and there is no need to leave out parts of your own hair, such as bangs. Full cap wigs may come with adjustable straps with hooks on the back and wig clips. It is important that you understand the construction of a wig you buy so that you can determine if it will fit your needs.

3. What is a half wig?

A half wigs is smaller than a full wig. It is designed not to cover your whole head (unless you have an extra small head). In such case you can leave some of your own hear in the front, such as bangs, which creates a natural look and disguises the presence of a fake hair piece. Half wigs may come with adjustable straps or draw string, which allows for the wig to be tighter or wider. Most half wigs should also include combs inside for a secure fit.

4. What is a skin top wig?

Skin top wig is a wig that has a latex cap at the top. This type of wig is appropriate, if you have skin the color of flesh tone latex. The hairs come straight out of the latex and look as if coming out of your own scalp. 

5. What is a lace wig and what kinds of lace wigs are there?

Lace wigs, just as the name suggests, have lace. To that thin nude colored and transparent layer of lace, the hairs are hand-tied. Lace wigs allow a natural look and that makes them one of the most preferred and sought wigs nowadays.
There are many different kinds of lace wigs but the most common ones are: Front Lace, Full Lace, and Whole Lace.
Front Lace wigs only have lace on the front area (from ear to ear around the perimeter of the wig). Front Lace wigs allow natural parting at the front hair line. The depth of the lace may vary from 0.5" to 3.5" or more. These wigs do not support up-do styles or high pony tail styles.
Full Lace wigs have lace around the perimeter of the wig- front hairline and rear. These wig allow styling in high ponytails and updos. Again, the depth of the lace will vary from style to style and brand to brand.
Whole Lace wigs, as the name implies, have lace all over- not only around the perimeter but also all over the crown. Whole lace wig constructions allows for parting anywhere and gives a more natural look yet. Often times whole lace wigs have mesh lace on crown and french lace around the perimeter. However, construction may vary from one brand to another.

6. How to apply a lace wig?

Lace wigs can be applied using adhesives, such as glue and double-sided tape, or without using adhesives. Some lace wigs are marked as no glue/no tape required which means that the caps of those wigs should fit snugly and should not require adhesives to make them stay in place.
Most lace wigs though, especially those with lace all over and lace on the back, do require adhesive application. For women who lead an active life, and do exercising, dancing and swimming, we recommend the use of glue or double-sided tape so that the wig is securely held in place.

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