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All you need to know about wigs before purchasing

1. Wig Sizing Chart

Most wigs come in one standard size, "one size fits all", with adjustable straps and hooks that allow to make the wig tighter or wider. Please refer to table measurements below to see if the size we carry fits your head.
Wig size Around the Head*
Front to Back**
Ear to Ear***
One fits all
20"-25" 14"- 15 1/4"

Around the Head*- Measure around head. Start at your natural hairline in front. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, above your other ear, then around front to starting point.

Front to Back**- Measure from your natural hairline in front, back over the crown to where your head meets the top of your neck.

Ear to Ear***- Starting in front of one ear where your hairline ends, bring your tape measure up and over the crown to the front of your other ear.

The measurements above are valid for regular full wigs, Front Lace wigs and Full Lace wigs by Janet Collection. If a customer is looking for full lace wigs with lace all over they will need to look for a custom made lace wig.

2. What is a full cap wig?

A full cap wig covers the whole head and there is no need to leave out parts of your own hair, such as bangs. Full cap wigs may come with adjustable straps with hooks on the back and wig clips. It is important that you understand the construction of a wig you buy so that you can determine if it will fit your needs.

3. What is a half wig?

A half wigs is smaller than a full wig. It is designed not to cover your whole head (unless you have an extra small head). In such case you can leave some of your own hear in the front, such as bangs, which creates a natural look and disguises the presence of a fake hair piece. Half wigs may come with adjustable straps or draw string, which allows for the wig to be tighter or wider. Most half wigs should also include combs inside for a secure fit.

4. What is a monofilament wig?

A monofilament wig is a wig that looks more naturally and allows freer movement of hair. Usually the top construction of the wig consists of a thin tan colored mesh where each strand of hair is knotted alone. This allows the natural tone of your skin to be seen through and it should appear as the hair is coming out of your natural scalp. The monofilament construction is comfort enhanced by a special weaving technique which results in excellent ventilation. These wigs are commonly abbreviated as "mono wigs". Because of the hairs being hand-tied, mono wigs are often more expensive than natural wigs.

5. What is a skin top wig?

Skin top wig is a wig that has a latex cap at the top. This type of wig is appropriate, if you have skin the color of flesh tone latex. The hairs come straight out of the latex and look as if coming out of your own scalp. 

6. What is a lace wig and what kinds of lace wigs are there?

Lace wigs, just as the name suggests, have lace. To that thin nude colored and transparent layer of lace, the hairs are hand-tied. Lace wigs allow a natural look and that makes them one of the most preferred and sought wigs nowadays.
There are many different kinds of lace wigs but the most common ones are: Front Lace, Full Lace, and Whole Lace.
Front Lace wigs only have lace on the front area (from ear to ear around the perimeter of the wig). Front Lace wigs allow natural parting at the front hair line. The depth of the lace may vary from 0.5" to 3.5" or more. These wigs do not support up-do styles or high pony tail styles.
Full Lace wigs have lace around the perimeter of the wig- front hairline and rear. These wig allow styling in high ponytails and updos. Again, the depth of the lace will vary from style to style and brand to brand.
Whole Lace wigs, as the name implies, have lace all over- not only around the perimeter but also all over the crown. Whole lace wig constructions allows for parting anywhere and gives a more natural look yet. Often times whole lace wigs have mesh lace on crown and french lace around the perimeter. However, construction may vary from one brand to another.

7. Top 10 wig hair care tips:

1. Always use styling products especially designed for hair wigs.
2. Wash your wig in cool water in a sink, and not on your head.
3. Let wig air dry on a wig stand. Using blow drier is not recommended.
4. Do not comb wig when wet.
5. Use special wig comb or wig brush when combing.
6. Do not use curling/flat iron on synthetic wig, unless it is heat resistant.
7. Store wig on a wig stand covered with silk scarf.
8. Always use nylon wig cap underneath wig.
9. When combing hair start from bottom and make your way gently up the top.
10. If deciding to dye hair, consult hair stylist before hand.

8. How to wash a wig?

1. Fill sink basin with lukewarm water.
2. Submerge wig completely and let water soak.
3. Add mild shampoo, preferably one designed for wig use.
4. Move wig around gently so that shampoo foams up.
5. Do not rub or scrub wig!
6. Rinse in clean water several times. 
7. You may use leave in conditioner if wig instructions tag allows for that.
8. Dab wet wig with a towel without rubbing.
9. Place still wet wig on a mannequin stand and let air dry. Human hair wigs can be blow-dried on lowest setting.
10. Check wig instructions tag whether it is allowed to brush the hair wig while wet.

9. Wigs as protective styles

While many women choose to wear wigs for fashion or change of style, others find the wearing of wigs as protective styles. Wearing a wig can allow one to grow and care for their own hair, which may  have been damaged or lost due to clinical intervention, extensive coloring, perming or other.
By wearing a wig you can avoid all of those: 
-stress on your hair from tight braids, 
-stress on your hair from sew-in extensions, 
-damage from glue extensions, 
-damage from relaxer, 
-damage from excessive use of heat tools, 
-damage from excessive coloring, 
-embarrassment from short or unflattering hair style.

We recommend to follow a few hair care tips to promote the health and growth of your natural hair underneath the wig:
1. Wash your natural hair regularly and condition as needed.
2. Never put wig on top of your wet hair
3. Avoid wig clips and combs which may cause additional breakage if your hair is very damaged and thin.
4. Wear a silk/nylon wig cap to cover your hair during the winter months. The silk/nylon cap will keep moisture sealed in during the dry winter time.
5. Wear a mesh wig cap during the summer months. A mesh cap will allow your own hair to breath more easily and not sweat as much.
6. Take off wig when going to bed, thus allowing your own hair time to rest.

10. How to maintain healthy scalp under the wig?

It is important to follow a healthy regime when wearing a wig, in order to avoid:
- hair dandruff
- formation of bacteria
- hair loss, thinning or breakage
Here is what you have to do to keep a healthy scalp under your wig:
1. Wash your hair regularly whether using regular or dry shampoo
2. Never leave wet hair under your wig
3. Wear a wig cap, which can protect your hair from traction and irritation with the wig's construction
4. Moisturize your scalp skin. Do not leave your skin to dry out! You can use drops of virgin olive or other natural oils to massage into the skin.
5. Let your skin breathe. It is just like wearing a hat. Take the wig off at night!

11. Does insurance cover the cost of wig?

If you need to wear a wig due to medical condition such as hair loss from alopecia or chemotherapy, in most cases your health insurance should cover the cost of the wigs. However, when requesting reimbursement one should put a claim for "cranial hair prosthesis" instead of wig. To find out more details on the coverage details, please contact your insurance provider.
Also the American Cancer Society and the National Alopecia Foundation (NAAF) have programs which can help cover the cost of a wig (Full cranial prosthesis) if qualified. To inquire whether you qualify, please contact NAAF by e-mail: info@naaf.org or the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-234 (and ask to speak to a representative in regards to financial assistance for a wig purchase).

12. How to apply a lace wig?

Lace wigs can be applied using adhesives, such as glue and double-sided tape, or without using adhesives. Some lace wigs are marked as no glue/no tape required which means that the caps of those wigs should fit snugly and should not require adhesives to make them stay in place.
Most lace wigs though, especially those with lace all over and lace on the back, do require adhesive application. For women who lead an active life, and do exercising, dancing and swimming, we recommend the use of glue or double-sided tape so that the wig is securely held in place.

Illustrated below are picture instructions on how to apply lace wig using glue or tape.

14. How to choose a color for your wig?

There are a number of factors one should consider when choosing a color for their wig. This decision may be especially difficult when purchasing online and that is why we have written an extensive article on the topic. Click here to see the article.

15. How to choose the right wig for your face shape?

To determine the shape of your face, stand in front of a mirror, pull back all your hair into a ponytail or away from your face and trace the outline of your face on the mirror with something removable (washable marker, bar of soap, lipstick). Then compare the shape that you drew to the shapes listed below:

Oval Face Shape
 Photos by PR Photos
Definition: You have an oval face shape if your jaw is slightly narrower than your temples, with gently rounded hairline.
Example: Crystal Stewart (Miss USA 2008), Jessica Alba (actress)
Appropriate hair styles: Oval face shape is the most desired shape as it allows you to wear a wider variety of hair styles. Most models fall in this category. Your perfect oval shape allows you to wear any length: short, medium and long. It is best that you style your hair off your face, not to hide your beautiful features. Bangs can be added to emphasize the eyes or accentuate a change.
Avoid: Heavy bangs, too-forward directed styles.
Recommended Styles: Full Lace Michelle wig, Full Lace Elizabeth wig, Full Lace Christina wig, Full Lace Victoria wig, Front Lace Isabel-Isis wig, Front Lace Mojo wig, Mono Lace Tasha wig, Half wig and Draw String WP107 and others.

Round Face Shape
Photos by PR Photos
Definition: The widest point of your face is at the cheeks and ears. You have a full-looking face with a round chin and hairline.
Example: Eva Marcille (Fashion Model), Beyonce Knowles (singer)
Appropriate hair styles: Recommended are styles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center part helps reduce the roundness. Try short styles with swept back direction or styles that are longer than chin length. try layering at the top to achieve longer and narrower illusion.
Avoid: chin length hair with rounded line and center parts. another thing to avoid is straight chopped bangs.
Recommended styles: Full Lace Aki wig, Full Lace Utopia wig, Full Lace Cambell wig, Full Lace Clala wig, Full Lace HW Scandal wig, HH Grace wig, HH Nadia wigAisha wigCutie wig and others.

Rectangle Face Shape
Photos by PR Photos
Defintion: You have a rectangle face shape if the width at your forehead is about the same as the width just below forehead. You have slender and long face.
Example: Janet Jackson (singer), Gwyneth Paltrow (actress)
Appropriate hair styles: Styles with short to medium length are perfect for your face shape. Fullness at the side and wispy bangs soften the look of longer face shapes. Keep a styles that will balance the length of your face and would not emphasize the width at your cheekbones.
Avoid: Too much hair length that will elongate your face unnecessary.
Recommended styles: Full Lace Hera wig, Full Lace Cheri wig, Full Lace Echo wig, Full Lace Wendy wig, Full Lace HW First Lady wig, HH Mono Lace Rita, HH Nancy wig, Aurora wig, Sassy wig and others.

Square Face Shape
Photos by PR Photos
Definition: The square face shape is as wide as it is long and has strong angles. 
Example: Jennifer Hudson (actress and singer), Demi Moore (actress)
Appropriate styles: This face shape needs a hair style with softness to lessen the effects of the angles. Long hair styles should fall past the shoulders, with face-framing layers to soften the jaw line. Shorter styles should be kept round and soft with height in the crown area. wispy bangs are great, as well as fluffy, wispy curls.
Avoid: Stay away from chin length and blunt-cut bangs. These styles wil accentuate the squarenes of your face.
Recommended styles: Full Lace Remy Empress wig, Human Hair Front Lace RCP-302 wig, Full Lace Lexy wig, Full Lace Audrey wig, Mono Fatimah wig, Afro wig, Bara wig and others.

Heart Face Shape
Photos by PR Photos
Definition: Your face is wide at the temples and hairline and narrows to a small delicate chin.
Example: Rosario Dawson (actress), Jennifer Love Hewitt (actress)
Appropriate styles: Try chin-length or longer styles, side parted hair styles or swept-forward layers around the upper face with gently wispy bangs. A chin-length bob is great for your face shape.
Avoid: Short, full styles that emphasize the upper face. Stay away from styles with too much weight at the crown. Do not get a styles that is top heavy.
Recommended styles: Full Lace Nia wig, Human Hair Front Lace RCP-301 wig, Full Lace Vanessa wig, Full Lace ACACIA wig, Full Lace IRIS wig, Human Hair Short Stop wig, Zakiya wig and others.

Triangular Face Shape:
Photos by PR Photos
Definition: Triangular face shape has a dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek bone and temples. It is exactly the reverse of heart-shape.
Example: Jordin Sparks (singer), Queen Latifah (actress, singer)
Appropriate styles: Try shorter hair that balances prominent jaw line. Also styles that are full at the temples and taper at the jaw. Off center parts, wedges and shags look great on you, too.To achieve fullness on the upper part of your face you need lots of layers. wear styles that are full at the temples.
Avoid: Long, full hair styles that draw attention to the haw line. Stay away from styles with too much height at the crown.
Recommended styles: Human Hair Lisa wig, Full Lace Jackie O wig, Full Lace Tia wig, Full Lace CONNIE wig, HH Mono Lace Taylor wig,Human Hair Stella wig,Mono Girl wig, Mono Love wig, Bianca wig and others.

Diamond Face Shape:
Photos by PR Photos
Definition: This face shape is widest at the cheekbones and equally narrow at the forehead and jaw line.
Example: Tia Mowry (actress), Keri Hilson (singer, song writer)
Appropriate styles: Almost everything works with this face shape as it is balanced and dramatic. You can wear short or long styles.
Avoid: Do not cover your face too much, thus hiding the features.
Recommended styles: Full Lace Gauri wig, Full Lace Amy wig, Full Lace Keri wig, Full Lace NANI wig, Full Lace SORA wig, Full Lace ESTHER wig, Human Hair Kimball wig, HW Scandal II wig, Helen Wig, Alice wig,Toni wig and others.

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