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All you need to know about hair extensions before purchasing:

Hair Quality Explained:

Remy/Remi hair:
is 100% human hair. Remy Hair can be categorized in the ‘premium’ segment, as far as hair quality is concerned. Remy Hair is bundled in such a manner that the roots of the hair are on one side and the tip of the hair on the opposite side. Since all the hairs are placed in the same direction, the hairs remain undisturbed , making them more durable and long lasting.Some Remy hair is also referred to as "virgin" because of the lack of chemical processing to the hair. It means that the hair is pure and has not been dyed, or chemically treated.Remy hair can have different origin: European Remy, Indian Remy, Asian Remy, Brasilian Remy.
100% Human Hair:is 100% human hair not mixed with synthetic fibers. This grade of hair is also excellent and can be long lasting but may have been chemically treated or colored.
Human Hair quality: is human hair often mixed with premium quality heat resistant fiber. Recently some manufacturers have resorted to mixing human hair with heat resistant hair, because the features of the hair do not change significantly and makes the product more affordable to customers. This has been also a result of the price of raw human hair rising up for the last 2 years. Customers should beware when purchasing this human hair quality product because even though it can be curled and straightened, it cannot be died/colored. Also be cautious of not overpaying for human hair quality products as they should be comparatively cheaper than 100% human hair products.
Heat Resistant hair: is made from high quality synthetic fiber, called Futura.This heat resistant fiber usually can sustain up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, is easy to curl or straighten and is relatively inexpensive.
Kanekalon hair: is 100% synthetic fiber called Kanekalon. This is one of the most revered synthetic hair for braiding and the making of wigs. Its is flame-retardant/ non-flammable and quite affordable.
Toyokalon hair: is 100% synthetic fiber named Toyokalon. This is the lowest and cheapest grade of synthetic fiber that is often used for the making of braids and fake/costume wigs.

What you need to know when buying weaves:

1) Most manufacturers package weaving hair in such quantity, that a customer usually needs between 2-3 packs of weaving hair. The standard for a full head requires minimum 2 packs.
2) When purchasing curly hair weave be aware of the fact that even though you may be purchasing 18" the hair will appear 16". The length on the package will indicate the length of the curly hair when stretched/straightened not when in curly state.
3) Most beauty supply stores or online store will not accept requests for refund on stylist fee that a customer has paid and is dissatisfied with the product. Make sure to inspect the style and quality of the hair you purchase before you weave it onto your head. It is highly recommended that you wash the purchased hair before application to ensure top satisfaction with the quality and product.

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